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How to do background checks before buying a land or apartment

It’s a wonderful step if you are planning to buy a property! With so many real estate developments going on around the city, one definitely needs to own one to enjoy a life free of rent-obligations. Owning a property in a metropolitan is a feat in itself for any person whether he is elite, an upper middle-class or middle-class.

 First thing intended for an individual to consider is spotting the right property that fits in with your style as well as suits you through its location. Once that is finalized you can go ahead with the next more important aspect, which is checking the authenticity of the property, builder, quality, etc. Although a few exists, but you can always find builders with double standards, with low quality customer service, promise breakers and so on.

In order to avoid getting your life-savings fritter away or avoid getting into legal troubles such as litigations, property disputes, etc. there are a few easy but important points that you must go through before buying a property in Bangalore, or any other place for that matter.

 The following is the expert’s advice bulletin that must be deliberated upon before venturing out with aproperty purchase:

No Blind Trust

 Never get misguided by the hunky-dory talks of the brokers or small developers. One of their marketing gimmicks is that they say they deal only with authentic and dispute-free properties and they are better than any other builders around. The catch-phrase they use is ‘You can check with others’. Ironically, people fall into the trap and DON’T check. You must always check multiple properties before validating and finalizing one.

Title of the Property

First thing to be considered while verifying the papers related to the property is getting a clear idea of the current ownership of the property, who all holds the rights to the property. In case the property has multiple owners or shared title, then consent in legal paperwork must be taken from all such owners or title holders.

Here, title may relate to a person, a group of persons or an organization. The deed of the property must also be checked in case of buying a villa or a plot. It’s always better to consult a legal expert and get all your verifications done by him.


 Once you are sure of the property title and authenticity of a developer, next most important point is checking out the quality of your future home. You will be spending all your life-savings on a property, so you have all the rights to get a property worth your expenses.

 Ensure the property has all the permissions and approvals for construction from concerned authorities.Check the amenities it offers including connectivity to roads in case of a plot purchase. There shouldn’t be any financial liabilities on the current owner in case of a pre-owned or resale property, etc. Encumbrance certificate, land deed, date and place of registration, etc. needs to be checked as well.

Commencement Certificate (CC):

 In case of an apartment, generally a commencement certificate is obtained by the developer until the plinth level of the building is constructed. Upon the successful inspection of each stage, Municipal Corporation issues next parts of CC. So you must check if all the parts of CCs are obtained.

Occupation Certificate (OC):

 You must never hurry off while buying your property. These things generally takes a little time, since a lot of paper works are associated and they are with various authorities. Same is the case with Occupation Certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation about the approval for construction. You must take possession of the property only after your developer gets the OC.

 Apart from the most important points mentioned above there are various other smaller points that you should never miss out before buying your dream home or a plot. In all matters, you should always consult a legal expert and get his advice. You should get all the documents and papers related to the property verified by him so that you finally get something worth your spending.